Amirah of Work and Debt 

She | He [Agender]

Adult | March 2nd


Angel [Planet]


Amirah, the second of the 7 angels.

The blacksmith with a soft heart.

 Forger of the sword of fire but it was stolen long ago. If anything, all the weapons that the angels carry with them are made by Amirah. With some made only to specifically kill immortals, with the material the weapons were made to forge with banned by the Mother long ago. 

Most weapons are made from stardust that are enhanced by the star that granted wishes. 

Their bodies are left to be grinded into dust for materials.

Forbidden weapons, such as the Sword of The Flames (Karma) and The Knife Against the Sun (Snake's Tooth) are made from moondust and sundust.

Karma is made from half of a star, the other half is missing. Presumably it changed itself to match Karma and rests in the garden below the skies.

Side effects from blessing: Exhaustion and poor health from overworking, most stars find their purpose endangering their health for progress when left alone.

Can be dealt with external help from other stars dragging them along for breaks and naps. Most suggested stars to pair with are Enkodo blessed stars.