She | Her [Female]
19 | September 17th

A member of the species "Salachimors" , a race that lives in the Northern islands of Eden. Or rather, Terra as the locals of the Northern Islands call it.

Terra refers to "Eden" the main island. Although saying Eden refers to the whole world. The Northern Islands name is called Gaia.

Aside from that Salachimors don't have cards in comparison to Lepidopterans! The main race of the Terra mainland. They don't need cards as they can use magic on their own.

Poseidon often specialize in water magic.

Salachimors and Lepidopterans used to be the same kind, before some members of the Lepidopterans returned to sea to reach Gaia. So Salachimors exist. 

They don't have teeth and have paws for feet. Due to being in  the water so much, they evolved to have pupils and tails.

Poseidon herself spends her time fishing! Often using her modified harpoon.

She doesn't know much of the Lepidopteran language but she does stop by with her family to the docks of Everton to sell fresh fish in the market that's in the middle of the city.

Poseidon is also the one who put fish that are going bad for free with her signature red tags! She often wonders who takes them. She did hear a story about how two Lepidopterans were fighting over the fish and caused a small commotion, one even jumped over the entire stall just to chase the other one!

She can't stay on land for long, not because she can't breathe, Salachimors can breathe air. It's because the stone roads in Everton hurts her paws.

Although she often thinks about how a Lepidopteran with horns fell into the river of Gaia once and had to drag them out. They were awfully tall and got awfully confused about why Poseidon "dragged them out" as if she wasn't trying to save them. Poseidon connected that the whole jumping into the river situation was on purpose but she doesn't have the skills to speak the Lepidopteran language in order to comfort the awfully tall stranger.

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