SN4KE / Snake

Ze | Zem | Zes [Snakegender - Neogender]
28 | August 16th
Card | Aere

Has a small band named TW0SH0TZ (Twoshots)  which are compiled of 3 members total, the main director is SN4KE. Each member has a name that is compiled of all caps with numbers in them, of course having a readable variant. The lead is MUSHR00M / Mushroom and 0NE/One. The band makes experimental "electronic" music using their cards to see if they can make music with it.

Snake directs all the music, the tone and the flow. Ze mostly used to be a recluse and only hid in zes home after getting done with school and lately been getting out more often thanks to Mushroom, who is zes girlfriend by the way.

Snake has a bad habit of misusing all the band's funding on snacks and other "cool stuff" which makes Snake's boyfriend, One, upset and now One manages all the funding. Who Snake has met after Mushroom helped zem out of isolation.