Medusa Corpus of Truth and Love     Angel of the planet Virion

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13.2 billion years (Adult) | Jan. 1st

Angels are very important in The Aether, their homeland, where both gods and angels live. Oldest of the Seven Planets.

The Mother Goddess creates the gods and the Angels raise them. 

The angels are very powerful as they represent the planets and serve and protect the Aether as part of their agreement with the Mother Goddess giving them life. They also have the power to give blessings to the gods. The blessings are just that, not a new power or something like that. It's easy to tell which god has been blessed by which angel by their eyes, as they share the same eyes of the angels.

Medusa, angel of the planet Virion. His full title being Medusa of Truth and Love.

 The eldest of the angels and therefore the sister of Enkodo, angel of the planet Eilauver and the youngest. Enkodo is known for keeping secrets and Medusa is known for being truthful from the heart.

When Nero's body was created, Medusa was advised to not give him the blessing.

This is the 7th attempt at blessing the North Star as the previous attempts failed, each version requiring a different type of butterfly for it's binding material.

Just simply send the star back to the skies, or let a different angel bless it this time.

 Medusa ignored that order and blessed the eyes of the star in his younger years against the many complaints of the Mother while then proceeded to beg the Mother to let Medusa raise the star himself unlike the previous attempts. Medusa didn't want the star to be lost by the madness from the curse put upon him. The Mother agreed, under the condition that this is the final attempt or else she'll send the star back with her own hands.

When the word got around after the Aether was destroyed and stars fells down along with the Mother was finally killed, her fellow Angels that have survived and told she must hunt down the killer of gods.  Believing that her son died during the process she went without hesitation.

Under her mask, she followed the trail and only ended up not being able to complete the job to kill them after finding the truth it was her adopted son from a flower

She decided to stick with the flower, unsure if she should head back home.

Three years before Nero was able  to be blessed, she found out that the North Star's binding material was "Sunset Butterflies." Unfortunately these butterflies had a very low population due to them being only able to survive off of the "Rrucrykbulimaso-Michurosakis" so, she planted more rrus to help them. 

She took note of how each rru lived for 10 years, died, and a completely different rru takes it's place from the seed that was dropped by the previous rru.

By the time she sneaked out Nero to visit the garden the day before his 100th birthday, he wanted to paint some of the flowers he never seen before. Medusa showed him the flowers she planted in the Dusty Meadow in order to gather enough butterflies to make his body and, he choose to paint the flower beneath the willow tree. She remembered braiding his hair for tomorrow and how Nero took his time working on the painting. It made her sentimental, it was before the last day she got to be with her son.

Enkodo kept the painting as a reminder of Medusa.

The knife is called "The Knife Against the Sun" or as "Snake's Fang" 

A gift from Amirah after finding the remains of the first moon of Eden, Corpus.

The maker of the mask who put his consciousness in it before passing away.

The moon is long gone and had his life ended to that is now the current moon "Vexation",

the mask has a mind of its own, but Medusa has built a friendship they both trust each other very much.

Even as far to let Nero wear Corpus as a child and play with him.

The mask allows her to see the strings of truth. Unlike seeing strings of Life and, that are gold, and strings of Death, which are red.

Strings of Truth cannot be manipulated to be used a puppet string to control other's lives.

They exist to show the way.

Side effects from blessing: Self destruction and lack of care of one self, most stars don't last because of this and often destroy themselves before being reported to be sent back. This isn't due to the wrong binding materials, even if she got it right, as soon as she blessed them they went mad.

She only recalls, the side effects of the blessings, they're not the cause of the problems that the star has, they just enable it more. A star from Alistar may be the most affectionate and cheerful star you ever met without feeling the side effects, a Syrina star may never felt the need to lie and can communicate well, an Amirah star may just laze around all day and never work a day in their life. It's just if they ever come across that problem, their blessing makes it worse.

Medusa had lost six stars before Nero.