Mother of Our Stars

The Mother Goddess | Serenity | The Sun | Spider

The very first thing to wake up in the universe, the sky.

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155.2 billion years (Adult) | May 13th

" The Mother Goddess was the first star to wake up ever since the universe came to life. Being the first star, loneliness easily got to her, and so she brought some planets with her. The planets were also called angels, thankful for their life, they devoted themselves to help the Mother with anything she wants.

 She wanted to start a project, to create as many things she can and make the universe a lively place. 

The Mother pulled the stars out of the sky, they were also called gods, and each had a magical power. " 

Is often curious and loves machines.

She currently creates the bodies of the stars that they live in. Although in the past they were created by Medusa. Medusa, however, still takes notes on the materials each star was made out of in cases of emergencies. (Such as repairs that cannot be self healed or healed with magic) 

Even special cases where the star manages to lose it's entire body. The body can be remade with the listed materials and the binding element. Binding elements are what is used to keep the star's conscious attached to the newly created body. If the wrong binding element, or if the star is missing one, issues may occur such as memory loss, loss of emotions, or constant hunger. Along with varies issues.

The star may feel urges to end it's own existence.

Stars who are made with the wrong binding elements have to be "sent back." Along with any stars, despite having the correct binding element" have to be "sent back" if any behavior issues are noticed.

Eventually, the Suns and Moon of Eden were replaced when a wish was granted.