She | It  [??]


Being time itself means that aging doesn't affect you

Pixie [Fae]



A time controlling pixie who lives in Eden, She often hangs around people and is invisible to the natives. Only flowers can see her.

It's name simply means "finding love through time" basically not seeking out a relationship but instead waiting for love to happen naturally. 

An odd phonomenon.

It exists everywhere in time but it's form was gained when the sun of the future granted a wish.

A wish granted in the future, that has affected time itself.

It has a body as a side effect from this.

Knowing everything in the past and the future, she is time itself as a 6 inch fairy.

Of course, any one who asks her of the future she just simply cannot tell.

She physically can't and prefers to not meddle with things.

She only talks to the new moon and the new sun, occasionally offering advice but more excited for what's to come.

As the wish the new sun granted has made a future she cannot see.

In the world the new sun made, the future doesn't exist. Everything is created in the moment.