Nero The Beloved Valentine

Cerebrum | The Killer of Gods | The North Star

They | He | Butterfly | It| Sun [Agender]

348 years (Adult) | Feb. 14th

5'9" (Nero) | 4'11" (Cerebrum)

Card | None

Puppet [Star]


 The one who killed his own kind then ended up in the mirror world.

The only star who's blessed by the angel of Love and Truth.

After losing his memories by having his blood poured out onto a flower, where it will be assumed the flower will rot away, his blessing is the only thing remained. His previous body was destroyed so much a new body had to be sculpted out of wax with shadows replacing the missing parts as the moon ran out of materials. Which also explains his shortness.

Nero, or now, Cerebrum, is referred to as an object and its status as a puppet by the daemons.

Only to served and continued to be used by the moon.



Materials: wax and dust, butterflies as binding element. Shadows replace missing parts.