Enkodo of Secrets and Promises Angel of Planet Eilauver

Any pronouns

1.5 billion years (Adult) | June 19


Card | Hydris

 Enkodo is an Angel who used to work as one of the nurse and teacher for the young stars that the Mother Goddess created. She gave up her job and left her home, the sky, in order to keep up a promise

Enkodo enjoys the quiet life of doing everyday chores and are known to be extremely kind to the people she knows. She gets worried about others often and tends to cover up their own feelings. 

Living far away from the majority of the population, only visiting the main city, Everton, for materials and sometimes entertainment. Also working as an accountant in Everton but, not knowing what to do with her money she mostly spends it on drinks and the rest just piles up. 

Enkodo opened up easily to Lilac, which is new to her since she spent most of her life being quiet due to her duties of being an angel of secrets. Lilac doesn't like that she does cover her feelings up but, she feels safe around her.

She teaches the younger stars in the sky, sharing the same uniform to not discomfort the younger ones



Side effects from blessing: Apathy towards others.

 Enkodo blessed stars go well with any type of other stars except Alistar blessed ones.