Feca, Angel of planet Gebos, of Light and Songs

Any pronounsAdult | Dec. 5th3'1" 

Fifth of the Seven Planets.

The amulets that all the planets wear hold their past forms they had before meeting the Mother. Only planet that does not require one is Enkodo as she grown after the time they used to cause terror across the multiverse. The planets were known as The Seven Devourers. As they ate worlds and destroyed universes.  After the eldest made the agreement, they were given "gifts" to make their new selves.

Feca is a people pleaser and pushes herself too far to the point she's internally on a verge of a breakdown.

 Which resulted in her being secluded. Only letting in the other planets for visits but cries at the thought of going out of her room.

Has the most trouble keeping their amulet on and worries that their true self will terrify the stars.

Her amulet breaks often, another reason to not leave her room. With her real self distorted a long time ago by a moth.

Side effects from blessing: Seclusion and night terrors, can be dealt with pairing Feca blessed stars and Enkodo or Amirah blessed stars.