Syrina | Angel of planet Suholia | of Knowledge and Lies 

He | They
Adult | Dec. 9th

Third of the Seven Planets. Syrina doesn't get along with Medusa and Enkodo with them lying about everything but yet wanting to know every secret.

Mute from the war taking out his throat, Syrina is also a known recluse. 

Hiding up in a room filled with unfinished books and papers he spends his time translating everything Alistar has written.

Few are allowed in there, his siblings and Nero...who he was reluctant to let in but learning it was Medusa's personal star he let it in...and whoever else Nero drags in to help.

Even with the other angels, he keeps the mask on out of fear of his disfigured face, not wanting to disturb the others from it.

Even refuses to look in mirrors with it off. Syrina only takes it off to sleep, bathe, or while focusing on work.

Despite his rocky relationship with Medusa, Syrina only trusts her enough to apply the medicine daily to his face.

Medusa never described what he looked like underneath. Maybe Syrina has to thank Nero when the star is older that he gets to trust his oldest sibling again.

Side effects from blessing: Lack of communication and honesty, best to pair with Alistar blessed stars. Usually can't help lying but is encouraged to find other ways to communicate at younger ages. Stars are usually kept around due to being able to gather resources efficiently.