The protagonist

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5 years (Adult for flowers) | May 31st


Card | Firne

 A flower turned into a person who inherited someone’s memories. He is awfully clumsy and has a habit of staring into space and thinking.

More specifically, they were a species of flower that which only thrives on the nutrients of the plants around them. The name of the flower is the Rrucyrkbumilaso-Michurosaki and is only discoverable in Lepis in the Dusty Meadow and around the Sacred Mirror.

 The flower has no perception of most man-made concepts and therefore is lacking in social skills, thankfully he can catch on quickly and adjust well. They're still trying to figure themselves out as a person as being a flower really requires not much thought. Often has the problem of staring and thinking about things mid conversation.

Rru is still trying to figure out more about the owner of memories that were put in him, going on an adventure around Eden only having the memories and vague clues from around others.

Rru flowers live for 10 years, before having to rest for 5 years and regrow to live another ten.

This cycle repeats for every flower.