Alistar angel of planet Ailmar, of Blood and Magic

Adult | Nov. 8th

Allistar of Blood and Wonders, Fourth of the Seven Planets. 

Currently blind as he lost his sight in a war, bandage is used to cover it all since his wounds refuse to heal. Alistar is unable to remember to what exactly happened due to the traumatic experience.

He often stays away from his duties and spends his time observing and learning new things.

Often not interested in personal problems of other people and not really attached to the Aether as a whole, the only people he is loyal to is his siblings and the fear of one of his older brothers picking on him again.

Alistar writes books from his travels. Studying the plants in his free time, while unable to tell what the colors are due to his blindness. He can describe the plant through writing from what he felt, which then Syrina draws it out for him. All of his writing is written in a strange, dotted texture that hasn't been named yet. All for Syrina to understand and translate into more, understandable, writings.

One of his biggest fans of his books, Nero, often reads the books about plants and gardening. As he first found a plant that grows only in the meadows of the land below, unnamed for now but he's sure the people who live there will name it for him.

Of course, being the angel of blood and magic doesn't mean nothing, he's naturally getting more blood thirsty the more magic he uses. Also, a common problem with the stars he blesses with the more wishes they grant the more violent they are.

Alistar does have ways to hold it off on taking it out on the stars...maybe eating meat helps?

Some worlds interpret the name "angel" same as "demon", it's all on perspective in the end.

Side effects from blessing: Extreme mood swings and violent tendencies, along with most stars experiencing joy from harming them. However Alistar suggests a meat heavy diet to help with this.