He | Him
40s| Nov. 18th
Card | Firne (Rose version)

A retired florist from Lunar village who used to sell flower seeds. 

He studies the languages of flowers and their meanings. The most important meaning of flowers is that planting flowers as a couple means a start of a relationship and plucking flowers and giving them to someone is considered a request for a breakup. Which what Celiine did to him and got a divorce after a 20-year marriage and 20 children.

Currently resigned as a Liberian and works alongside with Enkodo, who she works as an accountant. Accountants is a library job who sits and takes "accounts" of each and every book including very old literature that needs to be translated. Often confused with banking.

For Rose, his job is to run the public side of things...except that he's awfully shy, nervous, and will faint at the smallest thing.