Stella Estrela

She | Her [Female]
14| July 17th
Card | Aere

A priestess who carries the Estrela name. She's a kid who taken on the role of a priestess at a young age due to her grandma not being able to do much and her mother abandoning the tradition. She talks about the stars and their meanings and what it takes to be to work for a shrine. Of course being a priestess of a stars also means you're an astrologist.

While she and her grandma live in Everton, she jumps on the train everyday to the run down shrine nearby Wish Mountain where she works on reviving the shrine. The Estrela family have been running the shrines since the beginning of Eden in honor and thanks to the stars for granting wishes. Priestess and Shrine Maidens often run on exorcisms and healing while offering to the stars such as food or money. They read  the stars and serve them. Shrines are often rumored to have another use in the past as being stations for rest during battles.

While playing around the shrine she came across a rather short man by the name of Cerebrum who has been exploring the area. Being as excited and rather unusual as she is she exclaimed that he should become a shrine maiden to the Estrela name. With the other being confused as they only know that shrines like to offer stuff to the stars. While giving a speech about the stars and unaware that the other's situation of only coming back from the other side of the mirror and origins from the sky. Cerebrum came in contact with one of the old relics and activated it's magic, Stella exclaimed that he must have the stars' favor as he just brought back some of the power to the shrine and that, again, he should really become a shrine maiden. After she goes home to her grandma for dinner and offered him a trip to meet her.