Melinoe of Ghosts and ShadowsAngel of planet Lalnouter
They | She
2.3 billion years (Adult) | Sept. 25th

The 6th of the 7 angels, an angel who helps with mortal souls...and keeps them as pets. Works as a nurse and teacher along Enkodo but often scares the younger stars with her ghost pets.

However, some stick around and listen to her stories and songs as she is very childish and energetic in nature.  

She teaches the older stars in the sky, only participating/helping in Enkodo's classes during the day since her own classes are hosted at night.

She tends to haunt the halls after classes, ensuring the students are getting enough sleep.

Side effects from blessing: Hours of dissociating and forgetting current tasks, unable to tell what is reality. Dealt with just giving them access to Lepidopteran shows and games from the garden below, things to do such as reading books work as well.