They | Them [Nonbinary]
27 | November 6th
Lepidopteran [Flower variant]__

The sword fighting teacher at the Lunar Village Academia, young but often strict on their students.

Although teaches students to channel magic into their weapons, they do not have a card of their own. They are against the idea of cards and "people relying on them instead of their own strengths"

The sword they have is crafted by their own hands, using old techniques rumored to exist before cards passed down by their family, who also able to hear the fairies that hide behind flowers. Paerins, they're called, they're a friend to Hermes' family in the past and helped them create the craft. No one outside of the family can see them however, so many people don't know they exist. This is because Hermes family came from flowers instead of butterflies, even though nowadays there's no difference.

They're not against the idea of magic, just the idea of wishing. Otherwise, it'll be hypocritical of them as their sword is crafted from magic.