Lilac Wishinghower

She | He

27 years (Adult) | Oct. 31st


Card | Fumus

A bit hotheaded and loud but, tends to be the voice of reason. Owner of the Sunset bar.

Really empathetic but when it comes to comforting others, she has no idea what to do. Willing to defend others but just give awkward pats since she does not know how to calm others down. She often crack jokes and hands out calming tea and hugs instead, which seems to work on Enkodo. That's all that matters to her.

Most will say her life story is a rough one. Growing up in an orphanage where she was picked on and got out of there with the first chance she got. She mostly picked the fights during her time there in order for her to gain a spot, with her getting her card, fumus, early.

 She was often called a witch by her peers by gaining her card from an early age at the time and often scared of her due to her accidentally setting multiple fires from accidents in fights. She learned how to use her own blood as a medium for the magic due to poverty. however, her time outside of the orphanage was spent on the streets trying to get by selling anything she found.

 Lilac found her second talent, making tea out of flowers. Especially out of the flowers that were considered weeds, rrus. This got her by until she accidentally made alcohol by letting the tea ferment too long and that's when her small business boomed.