MUSHR00M / Mushroom

She | Her [Demigirl]
29 | January 30th
Card | Fumus

In a band named TW0SH0TZ / Twoshots with Snake and One!

Helped Snake get out of their home more often after meeting each other in real life. 

They previously talked to each other in their teens through their cards, which also works as a messaging system.

Strange thing about cards, not only they can work to protect themselves, but they also recently found out it can make music!  Since cards are only a personal gateway to magic, the only limit is the card's imagination and how strong they can handle it. So, it's common in young teens and adults to figure out how to make "online" spaces through the uses of magic.

 Where spaces such as forums and sites exist from a help of a founding card user way before their time. Cards just serve as easy access but there are devices such as phones and computers that can connect to these spaces for those who don't have cards. However, some card users do use them to save energy and experience games without putting stress on themselves.

Mushroom has an interest in them! So besides music, she spends her times building computers and such. Sadly, technology is a bit lacking in Everton than Lunar Village but is slowly being introduced in the masses. 

** technology is comparable to the early 2000's, so no smartphones and all computers are CRTs

** Rru has not came across the technology or has looked around enough for a TV, so none is shown yet