0NE / One

He | Her
28| March 3rd
Card | Grine6'1"

Founded the band named TW0SHOTZ/ Twoshots with it's band members being Snake and Mushroom, his partners.

Often more worried about her height than the finances of the band, of course now thanks to Snake, they're all broke. At least they have a lot of junk food and figures of characters from...something. Oh well, at least they'll find a way since Everton's culture is more about trading and giving than buying and really, money has no use. 

Otherwise, One is very homesick and wishes to go back to his small village in the mountains.

 Which explains his horns! It's a common feature of people from the mountains. There used to be a small folk tale about how people moved to the mountains to escape the war, with them being so close to the moon in the sky,  they grew horns to mark they're under the protection of the moon. They're the only people who really worship the moon that has protected them unlike the rest who worship the stars and sun who grant their wishes.

In turn, the people from Moonlit village cannot wish on the stars. If they do, they lose the protection of the moon and unable to move onto the "new world." 

The village does trades with it's sister village, Lunar. But past disagreements made huge cultural differences so now Lunar Village honors the stars. While Everton ignores both.

While being in Everton makes One uncomfortable, with most not knowing the skies. At least it's not Lunar village who tends to ignore to people with horns as it's a characteristic of the Moon village from Wish Mountain.

Embarssingly enough, One did mistake a stranger being from his home. As they had horns like him too.

They had no connection to the moon like he did but One couldn't shake off the feeling that something isn't right.