Liable of Hidden Letters

She | Her [Agender]
Late Teen | July 27th
Blessed by the Angel of Secrets and Promises

Liable will be honest, she's not that good at keeping secrets unlike the angel that blessed her. She has a bad habit of spilling out everything if you ask.

She works at the small post office! Often handing in letters to other stars, the civilization is very basic in the skies since stars mostly lay around and sleep in grassy fields. Some work but it's not required, it's more of helping out around. Not really a job when you volunteer for things really.

Liable just finds herself handing and passing on notes, more often than not confession letters and notes saying, "meet me here at this time." 

She holds onto the ones that Cyrus writes but never sends, she still tries to sneak them onto Nero even though none of them are on good terms anymore. 

Not like she cared; she cared about Cyrus more than Nero and only put-up appearances because Cyrus liked him.

She didn't like Nero anyways.

Materials: rotten wood, hand written letters as binding element.