The Cards

"Some people are born with the ability to use their cards and some do not but, we all do know that they came from a wish made from the stars"

The Cards serve as a gateway between magic and reality. 

As such they're able to be used for commination and social uses through a virtual space.

Too much usage of energy can and will harm the user's body. By rotting oneself from the inside out. First symptom is usually headaches and nosebleeds which leads to vomiting and diarrhea of blood.

To prevent this some people specialize in medicine that holds back symptoms if you're in a position that uses the cards.

Cards serve as portals to the soul full of condensed magic and the outside.

Which the magic itself is elemental energy based on one's nature. These portals require tools to be harnessed for beginners, those who are experienced have no need to use tools as they can use their own body as the medium.

There's different version of the cards: Aere, Firne, Grine, Fumus, and Hydris.

Each version is named after the star that made that version, sometimes having elemental powers coordinating with each star.

Cards that are fake are made by the star Cyrus, who stole their techniques from long ago. 

The cards are not meant for Lepidopteran bodies often and will destroy one from the inside out unless specifically made for one. Often these cards do not cause sickness from overuse but break overtime, which then cause and extreme case of sickness that'll attempt to kill the user unless given a new card.

Although the stars themselves are blessed by planets in order to be awakened, the planets themselves have no control over the elements and cards.

The stars engineered cards in order for the wish they granted together, the original versions of the cards have been given to time to hold on after they were executed for giving the Lepidopterans some sort of power.

The schematics have been long stolen after their deaths so the star who makes fake versions never knew of them.