. A land in the skies hidden from the garden .

It's similar to a typical society but with the exception of many vast fields and floating islands.

The stars live there, in the care of the planets.

Stars are normally not born, but blessed and gifted with a body to grow in.

Often modified to suit the host. So often star's bodies are also made of various materials.

Each blessing differs depending on which angel gifted it.

One thing remains the same, they all grant wishes to the land below.

The Garden: Eden

When a star reaches its 100th birthday, they are given a test.

A ceremony, where the angels watch over the star to grant their first wish in a fountain.

Along with the Mother Goddess, the few times a star gets to see their creator aside from their first day.

Afterwards they celebrate with a few words from the Mother and to run off and play with their friends.

stars below the age of 100 tend to have tails since creation, this is to help them to have balance.
when stars near the age of 100 their tails tend to pop off, which is startling to most stars.

halos often serve as emotional indicators for most stars, often giving away most things even if some are not every expressive on the face. However, most stars do not pay attention to these during conversations and still end up in very confusing situations.

Fortune and Karma's original self

however as stars grow up and become adults past the age of 350, they have free will over how they dress and their halos 

stars may accidentally blessed by two angels, however they simply get "sent back" if that ever occurs

some last until adulthood, but eventually they slip up.

stars do get rare black discoloration and patterns, this is a form of albinism for the stars since for them, it's the lack of light in certain areas. On some it appears as freckles, stripes, patterns like checkerboards. It's rare to see a star like that but the mother does keep them since it does not hinder their...usefulness and add variety to the bunch of stars that are plainly colored. the light that gives their fluff color is from their consciousness that is separated from their original body. (the star itself found in eden's sky)

Stars may only be sent back to the skies by the planets or the sun or moon.

"Sending back to the sky" is a term for their death.

Otherwise, stars can't kill other stars. As their bodies were made to prevent that.

Their bodies are made out of dust.

The stars are meant to be harvested for their dust, after granting wishes making it the most suitable material.

Their dust is used for weapons to conquer other skies lead by General Cortex. (Medusa)

Stars are often raised and misinformed by the planets to subside their curiousity, to prevent a mass outrage.

If all stars are lost, they'll simply find a new sky to harvest. It's been like that for billions of years.